Every person has the right to smile and no one should be deprived of such pleasure. Here, medicine, technology and art meet in order to grant you that pleasure.

We want to continue smiling every day, and that is why we are here to work with you and not just to operate on you. We can turn your fears, questions and dilemmas in to a nice experience at the dentist.

Our patient’s satisfaction from Serbia and abroad is the result of constant continuing education as well as innovation in materials and instruments.

Badawi Dental office is part of the Badawi polyclinic and we are here together to offer as much as we can.

This website is put to informational and educational use. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask through a question form and I will be at your service.

Dr Badawi Jaser

Outstanding offer IRES implant
350-450 eur

Replace the missing tooth without having to grind adjacent healthy teeth. Natural feeling.

Tooth whitening
150 eur 230 eur

Shine with a new natural smile. Safe and in one visit.

Ultrasonic scaling

Safe, fast, different frequencies for different parts of the tooth.

Metal-free Crowns
200 eur

Great aesthetics, natural look.

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